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Help extend unemployment insurance for millions of Americans

In Legislation Today on February 9, 2010 at 9:23 am

Unemployment Insurance is one of the programs that Frances Perkins fought for. BanksterUSA is asking people to call their senators tomorrow to extend Unemployment Insurance benefits.

Here’s their press release:


A National Day of Action on Unemployment Insurance, February 10th

This week will be a critical one for millions of Americans on Unemployment Insurance (UI). Although job loss is slowing, the economy is still not producing any new jobs and UI benefits will end for one million Americans on February 28th if Congress does not take immediate action. Four million more Americans will lose the benefits in the months that follow. The impact will be devastating on families and communities, as foreclosures driven by unemployment accelerate and as small businesses lose billions in revenue from paying customers. That’s because every $1 of unemployment insurance benefits that is spent results in $1.69 in economic stimulus in the community

Wednesday, February 10th will be a National Day of Action to Save the UI program. Tell Congress to extend UI benefits until the end of 2010. You can sent a note to your member of Congress at BanksterUSA. Alternatively, if you click on this link for Jobs4AmericaNow and input your phone number, you will be called at that number and connected to one of your Senators. Thanks for lending a helping hand!


Bankster is a project of the nonpartisan Center for Media and Democracy.